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Offering just-in-time delivery when required and quick service to every customer, we at Hayakawa International are world leaders in wire and wiring accessories. Turn to us for kitting services for electronics components as well as wiring accessories that include housings, connectors, terminals, UL-certified wires, tubing, ferrite core wire, cable ties, fasteners and more.

If your company is a new presence in your industry, get started on the right foot by working with our team of 8,000 employees around the world. As your first point of contact, our Singapore office will handle everything for you while providing expert-level customer service. It is a level of service that goes beyond what other companies in our industry can provide because of our deep and wide knowledge of the marketplace and our desire to meet the needs of every potential client.

Longstanding companies with solid reputations to uphold are sure to find working with our team at Hayakawa a breath of fresh air after dealing with less responsive and less customer-oriented suppliers. Plus, you are certain to already know that the Hayakawa name means quality.

Choose Hayakawa when sourcing cable terminations, cable glands and accessories, cable fixings, heat-shrink and insulation sleeving, cable management, cable jointing, cable handling, tooling, earthing components and accessories, tapes and similar wire and wiring accessories. We feature careful design and precision manufacturing to ensure that you get the quality you need at a price that fits within your requirements.

No matter your wire and wiring accessories needs, trust Hayakawa International and our 50-year tradition of excellent products and expert customer service that starts when you first contact us and continues throughout your relationship with our company.

You could turn to other companies for wire and wiring accessories, but allowing the Hayakawa team to provide your components means simple, hassle-free and on-time delivery. May we provide you a quotation or more information?